About our Service

How exactly do you gain followers with our instagram automation service?

We let you choose what hashtags make sense for you personally, these may be related to things you like, or in relationship to brand/services that you offer. If you sell watches for a living, it would be advisable to like hashtags such as watch, watches, and maybe some of the other watch brands if you make a similar product in order to attract potential customers back to your instagram account. The service will like approximately 60 photos per hour from your hashtag list (it will pick three random hashtags per hour). This will continue happening 24/7. If at anytime you wish to pause the automations you can do so as well in your control panel.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. How much does it cost to join?
    We offer a free trial (7 days) in order to test out the service. If you like the results that you are getting after the 7 day free trial, the service is priced at $8.99/month. There is no contract or anything like that, simply cancel whenever you want.
  2. What kind of results can I expect?
    It will all depend on the type of people you attract and if your instagram account has some quality content on it, but on average we are seeing users gain 10-15 new followers a day, and new likes on your photos are between 100-150 a day in total.
  3. Will my account get banned?
    Hopefully not, but there is no way to tell as Instagram is ultimately in charged. Personally I use the service on my account and it has not been banned to date. No guarantee can be made that this will hold true for your account, and this site is not responsible for anything that might happen to your account as far as a temporary/permanent suspension of your account. IT IS DEFINITELY A USE AT YOUR OWN RISK SERVICE.
  4. Why do you need my password?
    The reason for this is that the service actually logs into instagram (acting just like you would) and does not use the instagram API.
  5. Can I use other instagram automation tools?
    It is not recommended to use any other instagram automation tool while using this service. Doing so has the potential for you to incur too much activity on your account making your chances high that your account will become blocked.

Applying to the automator

  1. We just need to know your email address (we will verify it's valid)

  2. Once we verify your email address, we will ask for your IG name

  3. When we receive your IG name we will setup your trial account and email you a link to access your free trial

  4. From here all thats left to do is connect your account by logging into IG and enter your hashtags