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Instagram Automation

Made easy for brands, services, and freelance individuals.

InstaAutomator keeps things simple, we do one thing and do it well! We do auto likes, we don't do auto following, we don't do auto comments. We have no limit on the number of hashtags you can configure your account to like, it can be 1, it can be 100,000 - you set them once, and our algorithm will handle the rest.

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Reasons to use us for your Instagram Automation

24/7 automation for our global world

Our service isn't human, so it never sleeps. We recommend of course that you continue to get your 8 hours minimum a night of beauty rest though.

Configurable hashtags

You choose what hashtags work for your business or service and set them. You can have as many or little hashtags set at anytime. Our service will randomly cycle through the hashtags that you have configured.

More coins for your pockets

We are one of the lowest priced per month services for instagram automation on the web today, if you find one cheaper, let us know.

Customer Support

Questions? We've got answers! Support is also about building the best service for you the end user, we are always open to your suggestions and feedback. No canned "sorry, we don't support that" type of messages here.

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